Powerful business website

A new website for your business that will:
  • Generate business leads
  • Position you as a leading brand
  • Improve lead conversion rates
  • Improve SEO

Your business website should be your best lead generation channel

Your business needs more than just a pretty brochure – it needs a website that clearly explains your unique business value, attracts the right audience and makes it easy for them to take the desired action, whether it’s a signing up for a newsletter or sending an enquiry. Along the way of creating new online home for your business, we can help you with:
Value proposition and content
UI & UX design
On-page SEO
WordPress web development

Why is having a good website vital to your online marketing and generating new business leads?

Your 24/7 online storefront

It presents your business in the best light, never sleeps and is always ready to inform or sell to your visitors.

Promotes organic discovery

It allows you to be found in the results of search engines like Google and spread the word about your products or services.

Your centre of online marketing

All marketing channels, from email marketing to social media, lead to and depend on it for their function.

Value proposition & content

Get your value across with a clear and enticing content

As a sales agent that never sleeps, your website has just a few seconds to capture the interest of your prospective customers. That’s why it needs to clearly convey your value proposition – WHAT you do, HOW and FOR WHOM you do it. We also make it easier for your visitors to know what you want them to do by crafting enticing and content with clearly specified call to action. This way, you are in control of the user experience and provide a simple solution to their problem

SEO- and human-friendly

10+ languages to target your prospects globally

UX & UI design

Create a great first impression with a modern and responsive design built around a smooth user experience

The design of your website can either make or break the business you are trying the deliver. How it looks and what navigating it feels like helps shape the customer perception about your brand. At BOLD, we design modern websites that generate credibility & trust, create a favourable first impression in the eyes of your target audience and increase your perceived value relative to your competitor.

Professional photography enabling you charge premium prices

High quality visuals are what separates the best from the rest. By presenting your products or services in a way that communicates quality, you will be able to attract customers who value premium quality and are willing to pay for it.

Sales funnel optimised for conversion

Turn your visitors into leads and paying customers

How your website is structured will determine its ability to convert visitors into leads and/or paying customers. By taking into consideration your customers’ decision-making process, we are able to form your website and sequence offers in a way that is natural to your visitors and entices them to take action. A much better conversion rate will then translate into better business revenue for you.

Content for every stage of the customer decision-making process

Not all visitors ware made equal. Some of them may be just researching your products or services, while others are ready to buy. By creating content for each step of their decision-making process, we make sure your website speaks to the right audience with content that is most relevant to their current stage.

The benefits of working with us

Why it’s worth investing in a quality business website?

Saves money in the long-term

Our lead-generating websites have a long life and remove the necessity of involving other professionals or agencies in the development process, saving you money, energy and time.

Worry-free content creation

We make the process of creating your website content painless. Instead of tasking you with supplying information, we collect all necessary material through our research, calls and meetings with you as required. Your only duty will be providing us with a timely feedback.

Long-term digital strategy

A good website should set out to solve a particular problem for your business, whether it’s generating leads or something else. After diagnosing your case, we are able to build your website on a solid digital strategy that serves as a stepping stone for your long-term success.

Credibility through content & design

Once completed, your website will serve as your powerful marketing tool that projects credibility. This helps you create a strong brand that people can recognise and trust.

Semi-automated lead generation

When coupled with online advertising, your new website will have the potential to consistently be generating new qualified leads for your business that you turn in to paying customers.

Scalable website that grows with you

By using the WordPress platform, we create lead-generating websites for our clients that are easily scalable. In practice, this means that your website will be able to grow with your business without unnecessary obstacles and hassle.

Get inspired by websites that deliver results

Get ahead online with a powerful
business website

Already own a website but not getting any results? We can optimise it for conversion and create profitable advertising campaigns.
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