Online advertising
on Google Ads

Profitable pay-per-click advertising campaigns on Google Ads that will help you:

  • Find more prospects
  • Raise brand awareness
  • Stay on top of mind
  • Generate sales
Online advertising on Google Ads

Online advertising on Google Ads

Profitable pay-per-click advertising campaigns that bring measurable results fast.

Online advertising on Google Ads

Do more for your business with Google Ads

It’s not just about getting your products or services online – it’s also about getting them to the hands of people who would them. Our expertise covers:

Advertising strategy planning & execution
Search, display and video ads
Landing pages
Ongoing campaign monitoring and optimisation
Success & performance tracking
Discovery of new market & medium opportunities

Multi-channel campaigns

Reach new prospective customers with targeted ads

People are always looking for solutions to their problems online. With carefully crafted and targeted ads adapted to the stages of the buying process, we can get your business in front of the eyes of highly qualified visitors, regardless of what platform or device they search from.

Search (text) ads

Simple text ads placed above and below the organic results on the Google search page and triggered by relevant keywords.

Banner ads

Visual ads carrying your message on a wide network of websites across Internet. They can be also used for remarketing to help you stay on top of mind.

YouTube ads

Video ads appearing at the beginning, middle or end of monetised YouTube videos to help you get in front of your audience.

Landing pages

Impress your visitors and turn
them into paying customers

Prospective customers clicking on your ad is only a battle half-won. Will the landing page create a good impression of your brand and answer their query? That’s why a custom landing page is so important. Our landing pages are designed to catch and keep your customer’s attention, provide relevant information that the ad promised to show and lead them to a prompt action.

Clear call to action

The landing page has only one goal – to drive action, regardless of whether it’s sending a business enquiry, offering a free download or signing up for a newsletter.

Natural extension of your brand

The landing pages will seamlessly adopt the style of your brand, resulting in a branded, personal fee. You can choose to use your existing domain name or create a new one.

Optimisation & reporting

Stay updated about your success and profit

Google Ads allows us to track everything – from the number of impressions, clicks, cost per customer acquisition to much more. This means you will always be able to stay on top of your profit and see how hard your advertising budget is working for you.

Transparent reporting

We are always keeping an eye on the big data – it tells us what works best for your audience and what doesn’t. You will regularly get to see the what matters to you most, no hidden agenda.

Valuable business insights

Apart from regularly keeping you in loop about how your campaigns performs, we will also share with you valuable marketing findings so that you can make improvements to your business.

Ongoing optimisation

By continuously monitoring and optimising the performance of your ads, we make sure we get the most out of your advertising budget and maximise your profit.

Benefits of advertising
on Google Ads

Fixed or flexible budget

You are in control of your ad spend. Regardless of your budget’s size, Ads can adapt to your needs and always puts you in the driver’s seat.

Pay for clicks only

Unlike traditional media, Google Ads doesn’t charge you for showing ads to your audience. You only pay when they click on your ad.

Local or global targeting

Are you an international business serving global audience or a small local brand? With Ads, you can target your customers anywhere.

Why advertise your business with us

We don’t just sell clicks!

Instead, we can help you develop a revenue-generating marketing system that helps increase the value of your brand and continues generating qualified leads for your business automatically and consistently. Typically, this smart marketing system consists of:

Online advertising

Photography & design

Expand your reach on Facebook & Instagram

We can help you reach more people also with online advertising on the most popular social networks.

Drive action on your website with advertising campaigns on Google Ads

Already using Ads? We can improve your campaigns and increase your conversion rate.
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