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Multi-channel campaigns

Reach your prospective customers with highly targeted ads

Customer journey starts when online visitors open Google and start searching for a solution to their problems. Or sometimes even before, when they are browsing a web or watching a YouTube video. No matter what your ideal customer's journey is, what they are searching for or even where they are, with carefully targeted ads, we can get your company in front of the eyes of highly qualified visitors.

Search ads

Simple text ads placed above and below the organic results on the Google search page.

Banner ads

Visual ads carrying your message on a wide network of websites across Internet.

YouTube ads

Video ads appearing at the beginning, middle or end of monetised YouTube videos.

Landing pages

Impress your online visitors and turn them into paying customers

Getting the online visitors click on your ad is only the first step in the conversion process. Once they land on your website, will they be able to find the information that your ad promised to show? If not, you have just wasted your advertising budget and the visitor will leave. That’s why a specially made landing page is so important. This page is designed to work hand-in-hand with Google ads - its content directly relates to the query of the visitor and it has primary one goal - to make them act, regardless of whether it's signing up for a newsletter or contacting a company via a contact form.


We will craft landing pages that welcome your visitors on your website. They will be visually appealing and present you, your business and products in the best light.


We will seamlessly integrate landing pages with your existing website. If required, we will develop a brand new website to make sure it's ticking like a Swiss watch.

Sales copy

It's said that good copy sells and we agree. We will write a copy that speaks the language of your visitors, answers their search query and makes them act.


Based on the data we will collect, we will keep fine-tuning ads and landing pages for the best possible results and maximal return on investment.

    Customer buying journey

    Show the right
    message at the right time

    Not all online visitors are made equal. Some are further in the decision-making process than others. We take this into consideration when creating ads and, therefore, craft them for specific stages of the customer buying journey. Customers who are not ready to buy will be directed to informational pages rather than sales pages, and vice versa. This, in turn, increases the conversion rate of ads and aids in creating a sustainable and profitable marketing system.

    Success metrics

    Stay in control of your profit and budget

    We can track everything with Google Ads - from number of impressions through clicks to cost per conversion and much more. This way, you always know how hard your budget is working for you and calculate profit. For us, this data lets us see what keywords and ads bring in the highest return on investment so that we can optimize them and eliminate those that don't perform that well.


    Why our clients choose us as their digital marketing agency?

    We don't just sell clicks. Instead, we can help you develop a revenue generating marketing system that continues generating qualified leads for your business automatically and consistently, even when you are not working in your business.

    Reliable partner in scaling your business

    Every client we work with becomes our business partner and we do our best to not only deliver high quality service but also helpful advice and constructive feedback, all in effort to help you scale up your business. 

    Focused on your long-term growth

    We are in it for the long-term. Once we set up your marketing system, we constantly improve the quality of your website traffic, monitor and optimise ad performance and keep an eye on your competition so that your business continues to grow.

    About BOLD Digital

    Helping ambitious companies grow and improve digitally

    We are on a mission to help ambitious businesses succeed in today’s digital world. By solving their online challenges for them, we help our clients grow and improve their businesses digitally, whether their goal is to find new customers who would love their products or services, build a strong reputable brand or compete with the best.

    I'm pleased with the results

    I'm pleased with the results we are getting. The advertising campaigns work well with landing pages and our website and they bring results - now we are getting a regular stream of quality customer enquiries each month!

    - Simi Singhsachthep, Owner of Umpire Legal

    The ad campaigns help keep our sales team busy

    Our B2B pharmacy decided to focus on finding more customers online. BOLD Digital set up for us a new system that helps us reach the corporate customers. We also worked together on creating our new website.

    - Suneerat Kittikhun, Owner at SNB Medical

    Benefits of advertising on Google Ads

    Fixed or flexible budget

    You are in full control of your ad spend. Whether you have a big budget or a modest one, Ads can adapt to your needs and always puts you in the driver's seat.

    Pay for clicks not impressions

    Unlike traditional media, Ads doesn't charge you for merely displaying your ads. You only pay for the clicks visitors made on your ad.

    Quick optimisation and iteration

    Ads allows you to make adjustments to your advertising campaigns on the fly. This way, you can test and evaluate new changes almost instantly and make better educated decisions.

    Local or global targeting

    Are you an international business or a small local brand? It doesn't matter, really. With Ads, you can target your customers both globally and locally.

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