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Attracting new visitors and engaging with them through content

Infographics • SEO • Translations

Marketing challenge

ICS-digital, a UK-based company, provides creative content for a number of national and multinational clients. In effort to help them attract visitors to their websites and increase visitor engagement, ICS-digital needed to do the following – enhance search performance of clients' websites, and create engaging content that would not only captivate the audience, but also was served to them in their mother tongue.

Our approach

Since majority of ICS-digital's clients operate in sports and gaming industry, our work mostly revolved around creation, distribution and targeting of content that would spark interest among online visitors. We set out to solve the two challenges in the following fashion - strategic creation of blog content was deployed to increase traffic to clients' websites, and to ehance brand awareness and stimulate engagement, we decided to make use of infographics.


Informative and visually striking graphics, shared on social media and third-party websites, that help increase brand awareness.

Blog Articles

Original content alongside strategic incorporation of keywords help promote clients’ websites and increase their ranking in search engines.

Content translation & localisation

Creation and localisation of content enabled ICS-digital approach potential customers far beyond borders of the United Kingdom, predominantly in the countries of Southeast Asia.

Content Publishing

Publishing of articles and infographics in our network of partner websites, all in effort to increase website traffic and off-site SEO.


Simplifying the information

Infographics proved to be very popular among clients which positively impacted revenue. In the creative process, we got inspired by design elements tied to the portrayed event whilst also respecting clients’ own identities. Infographics contained useful information, were visually attractive and easily digestible.
Acquired clients
Revenue growth

SEO & blog articles

Written for humans, optimised for Google

Blog articles played an important part in our strategy for the distribution of sports-related content, namely from the perspective of search performance. Articles offered informative overview of a particular event, and contained a backlink to clients' websites. Created content found its use on clients’ websites as well in our partner network where it helped improve off-site SEO.
Partner websites
Blog articles
Years of collaboration

Translation & localisation

Opening doors to new markets

Content localisation can open door to companies far beyond their local market. Among languages with the help of which we assisted ICS-digital and their clients in reaching foreign clientele were Arabic, Cambodian, Filipino, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Lao, Malay, Thai, Turkish and Vietnamese.


We hit the nail on the head with infographics and content translation. While regular blog content helped clients' websites strengthen their ranking in search engines, it were infographics that made ICS-digital's clients stand out the most. Our network of translators, moreover, enabled ICS-digital to expand their service portfolio and reinforce their position as a global content provider.

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