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Archstyl Architects

Repositioning the brand to enter new premium market

Reposition the brand. Enter new market. Generate leads.

Archstyl Architects is a an architecture & design studio in Slovakia. In its early days, the company focused predominantly on designing bathrooms and kitchens, but it wanted to pivot and shift into interior design and architecture, a more lucrative market segment. This wasn’t possible with the way the company was presenting itself online at that time.

We helped Archstyl Architects redefine their brand and outward-facing presentation from the ground up so that it can manifest itself as a premium architecture and design studio, be able to reach a new lucrative market and find leads.

Improve how the company positioned itself, enter a new market segment and generate leads
The new website allowed the studio to successfully enter a new premium segment. The company grew year over year and managed to create such a strong demand for its services that it couldn’t keep up with supply. This resulted in creating new jobs and growing the team to try meet it.

Scope of project

Branding & design
Brand identity
Brand strategy
Communication strategy
Professional photography

Website design & development
Information architecture
Value proposition & content
Search engine optimisation (SEO)
UI & UX design
WordPress web development

Online advertising
Google search ads
Google display ads
Facebook & Instagram ads

Phase one

Branding & design

Designing a versatile identity

We discovered that the existing colour scheme wasn’t very flexible (the previous corporate identity was composed of a combination of red, white and black colours and basic typography) and it was difficult to colour-match it with other visual elements on promotional materials. We simplified it by creating a monochromatic logo using a display font. This helped us put a greater focus on the content and allow Archstyl’s logo gently blend into the background.

Phase two

Website redesign

Designing the user interface to impress

At first, the website’s goal was to design an impressive portfolio and service presentation that would outshine competitors – often times, potential customers base their decisions solely on the internet research. But because Archstyl Architects didn’t want to leave anything to chance, they decided to invest into SEO and new content, as well. The newly-designed website served as a central hub for all marketing efforts and later paved the way for success of lead generation campaigns via Google and social networks.


Increase in


Decrease in
bounce rate


Increase in dwell time

Professional look from the inside out

An integral part of the whole presentation and portfolio were professional photographs. The company laid big emphasis on quality, and it wanted make sure this was clear from its presentation at the first glance. Interestingly, the high standard of our photos stirred notable interest among national magazines, the editors of which were falling over themselves for the right to publish them in their next issue.


Interior photographs


Blog articles


Content pages

Phase three

Online advertising

The new website was ready to welcome visitors. Instead of waiting for the SEO improvements to bring in more traffic over a period of time, we opted for online advertising on Google where the demand for legal services was steady and strong.

Creating a community and generating leads

Out of all social media channels, Facebook and Instagram proved to be the most effective for the purposes of this project. We set up a company profile and started working on creating a strong community of people who share a common interest in interior design and architecture. We provided them with quality content, blog articles full of useful information, videos and beautiful photographs that attracted a lot of attention. After a while, people started to regularly seek out this platform for initiating contact with the company and showing their interest in its services.


Community members


Social media posts


Advertising campaigns

Targeting different audiences with funnel-based campaigns

Besides the organic buzz, we also drove traffic via Facebook and Instagram advertising. We considered the fact that not every potential customer is at the same stage of the decision-making process. While some might be just looking for inspiration, others already have their dream home in their mind and are ready to take action. By traffic tracking and monitoring, we segmented the audience into several distinct groups and served them different ads based on their position in the sales funnel.

Remarketing to Contact page visitors
Remarketing to visitors that viewed projects but not interior design services
Remarketing to interior design service visitors

Capturing actively searching prospects with Google Ads

While on social media we were able to target audience by their interest, Google allowed us to connect with prospects actively searching for architecture services.


Conversion rate

Remarketing to stay on top of mind

To help Umpire Legal stay on top of mind of an undecided group of previous visitors, we also designed banner ads that would follow them as they browse the web. This, in turn, helps increase the brand awareness and the direct traffic to the website by these targeted visitors.


Despite risks, Archstyl Architects successfully managed to enter the premium market segment where more affluent customers could appreciate and afford their services. Since the beginning of the project in 2015, Archstyl quadrupled its revenues and demand for their services consistently outnumbered supply. As a result, the company created more jobs and has laid strong foundations for future expansion and growth.

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