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Selling services to two culturally distinct audiences

Create & adapt value proposition. Generate leads.

einzigArtig is an architecture and interior design firm that helps families and individuals build their new homes in Austria. Its target audience were both Slovakians and Austrians living in the border area between both countries and even though the firm had already had a website, it struggled to bring in visitors, and more importantly, generate any leads.

We helped einzigArtig change this by completely redesigning their old website and building a new one – each catering to a distinct audience. We put an emphasis on the visual presentation as the offered services were expensive and thus their presentation had to match the price tag. Moreover, we made both websites advertising-ready by making sure the services as well as the value proposition were clearly explained.


Adapt the firm’s service offer to two culturally distinct audiences and generate leads.


The new website positioned einzigArtig near the top of its segment, above competitors. The lead generation system consisting of two websites and online advertising campaigns worked as the company now receives almost as many monthly leads as it can handle projects per year. Moreover, the improved design also helps the firm to afford to sell its services for more.



Leads generated


Scope of project

Website design & development
Value proposition & content
Search engine optimisation (SEO)
UI & UX design
WordPress web development

Online advertising on Google Ads
Search ads
Display ads
Landing page

Branding & strategy
Brand identity
Communication strategy

Website design & development

Building separate websites for different audiences

The firm’s dual target audience proved to be a challenge. From experience, we knew that a single website serving both Slovakian and Austrian consumers would deter the Austrian visitors and hurt its credibility. This prompted us to create two distinct websites – one targeting the Slovakian nationals looking to build a new home in Austria and the other one offering the identical services to the Austrian market.

Adding multiple languages to accommodate multicultural residents

Understanding the target audience was key. The customer research showed us that the residents in and around the Austria’s capital city were multicultural. Since the German language wasn’t going to be enough, we also added English and Hungarian to the Austrian website.

Online advertising on Google Ads

Targeting actively searching visitors on Google Ads

In order to drive more qualified visitors to both new websites alongside the organic search, we opted for pay per click advertising on Google Ads. Setting up bilingual campaigns allowed us to target people who where were already actively searching for architecture services in both territories.


Conversion rate

Remarketing to stay on top of mind

Apart from the usual remarketing campaigns that help previous website visitors keep einzigArtig on top of mind, we also decided to show the banner ads to the actively searching audience as well. This was possible due to the attractive visuals showcasing the firm’s work.


The redesigned website positioned einzigArtig near the top of its segment and helped it outshine competitors. Even though the company can handle about 10-12 house projects per year, it’s new marketing system is now generating up to 8 qualified leads per month. This puts the company in a good position where it can select its customers. Moreover, the improved design also helps the firm to afford to sell its services for more.

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