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SNB Medical

Placing a wholesale pharmacy on a map

Help enter a new market segment. Generate leads.

SNB is a retail pharmacy in Chonburi, Thailand. The company wanted to expand its operation into wholesale and become a medical supplier for the surrounding businesses and government organisations. But since SNB only had a Facebook page for its retail pharmacy, it quickly recognised the need to create a new website that would attract the target businesses and generate new leads.

We helped SNB enter the new market segment by building an online presence that would clearly present the company’s value proposition and encourage businesses to request a quote for the proposed services.

Create a simple new business website and generate leads.
We managed to place SNB Medical on a map, grow organic traffic from 0 to over 1,200 views per month and even start generating leads. The company is now in a good position to expand the website content and start a lead generating advertising campaigns to attract more targeted visitors.

Scope of project

Website design & development
Value proposition & content
Sales funnel
UI & UX design

Defining the course

The initial talk revealed that SNB was serious about getting started. The pharmacy already went ahead and had a new visual identity designed for the wholesale division, which made some of our design decisions easier. But before we could get to design, we wanted to make sure we are clear on the goals and strategy.

We deducted the following outcomes – the main goal was to create a new business website for SNB that can be found by customers in search engines, discover its products and services, and in case of interest, request a quote. In terms of driving visitors to the website, we steered in the direction of acquiring organic traffic and later employing online advertising to accelerate the growth.

Website design & development

Determining the keywords and web structure

Creating a website from scratch requires thorough research of keywords that aligns with the company’s market offering. Based on our findings and input from SNB, we generated a list of keywords that we wanted SNB to rank for and translated it into a web structure. This process is essential as it ensures that the company gets found in search engines. We also considered the pharmacy’s goal to generate new leads, which reflected in creating a funnel-centric structure ending with a contact form for requesting a quote.

SNB’s ranking on Google for one of the major keywords
We made the quote request process easy to understand by using simple icons

Creating new content and crafting a value proposition

Similarly, brand new content had to be developed to introduce the company and explain its value proposition in a way that is easily understandable and, at the same time, attractive to the target audience. A part of our inbound marketing strategy was to also set up a blog that would educate the audience about medically or pharmaceutically related issues. This would help the company gain visibility and traction online.


Monthly visitors
1 year after launch


Organic traffic
driven by blog


Page on Google for
industry keywords

Extending the brand identity to web

The existing brand identity manual proved to be useful when designing the website user interface. We took clues from the manual and adapted it to the yet undefined new medium – website. Apart from the graphical elements, we also livened up the overall design with custom-made photographs. This helped SNB gain credibility and transparency as a business.


Entering a new market segment isn’t easy, especially with a brand new domain that lacks authority. Since the launch in 2018, SNB’s new website took off on Google and slowly rose to the top positions in the search engine, which helped bring organic traffic and expose the business to new potential customers and even generate leads. Even though SNB experienced early success, there is more work ahead. The pharmacy is now in a good position to expand on the initial tight scope of the content, add more product and service information and utilise online advertising to drive even more targeted traffic. This will positively reflect in generating more business leads.

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