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Umpire Legal

Navigating businesses through the jungle of Thai laws

Attract and inform visitors. Generate leads.

Umpire Legal is a Thai law firm specialising in the legal aspects of registering and operating businesses in Thailand. Even though the firm managed to establish itself as a reliable legal services provider, the old website didn’t reflect Umpire Legal’s professionalism and quality of service and stood in the way of acquiring new leads and customers.

We helped Umpire Legal overcome this hurdle by creating a credible business website aimed at improving the company’s image as well as serving as a lead generation engine.


Improve how prospective customers perceived the company and generate new leads.


Since the launch of the new website, Umpire Legal has been consistently receiving qualified leads for their services. The organic traffic and dwell time went up and the ranking of the most important keyword climbed from fourth to the first page on Google. The company is also receiving compliments from its clients about the new design of the website.



Leads generated


Scope of project

Website design & development
Information architecture
Value proposition & content
Search engine optimisation (SEO)
Sales funnel
UI & UX design
WordPress web development

Online advertising on Google Ads
Search ads
Display ads
Landing pages

Graphic design & video
Customer testimonial video
Sales promo video
Branding collaterals

Understanding the business & customers

At first, we sat down with the owner and took a deeper look into the challenges the company faced. Based on our findings, we were able to prioritise the needs and goals of both the business and its customers. This became the foundation for the website redesign and later the online advertising campaigns.

The goals we concluded were simple – to position Umpire Legal as a professional and credible law firm, encourage visitors to stay on the site longer and generate more leads for the business.

Phase one

Website redesign

Funnel-centric structure for converting visitors

We started off with rethinking the organisation of the entire website from the ground up. The new funnel-centric structure followed the customer decision-making process and focused on converting visitors to leads by seeking help with a particular service or getting in touch for a free consultation. Since we knew we were going to drive traffic via online advertising in the future, we had to strike the right balance between informational and sales copy on the pages.


Increase in online enquiries

Overhauling and optimising the legal content

To increase the browsing time and the firm’s ability to compete in the results of search engines, we overhauled the existing content. Over 45 pages of web pages were refreshed in a way that would make the legal information easy to understand and digestible as well as optimised for keywords. The brand and customer insights helped us shape the web content in a way that addressed the customer pains (such as complexity of the legal information online) as well as clearly communicated the firm’s benefits.


Pages of overhauled
An infographic explaining the complex process of registering a company in Thailand


Increase in
browsing time


Increase in organic


Page on Google for the most important keyword

Designing the interface for credibility

The last missing piece to the website was the user interface (UI) design. Since the website is often the first point of contact of prospects with Umpire Legal, we had to ensure it creates a good first impression and sets the tone for the rest of the customer interaction with the company. Our design choices were centred around professionalism and credibility. This later prompted us to go a step further and add videos of both customers voicing their experience with the company and the owner presenting the core service.

“The new website was very well received – many of our clients were impressed and complimented on the design. Since the website marks the first impression of the potential clients, it allowed them to explore further by getting in touch with us. We can positively confirm that it helped bring in more business to the firm.”
– Managing Partner, Simi Singhsachthep
Sales promo video for the company registration service (included script, video taking & final editing)

Phase two

Online advertising on Google Ads

The new website was ready to welcome visitors. Instead of waiting for the SEO improvements to bring in more traffic over a period of time, we opted for online advertising on Google where the demand for legal services was steady and strong.

Determining user intent on Google search

We quickly ran into a problem with the search ads – the commercial intent of customer search queries was often unclear. This prompted us to structure the campaign granularly into a number of segments, each leading to a separate landing page.

After a series of testing, we found out which keywords work the best and, likewise important, what the visitors want to see when using the query. This helped us adjust both the campaigns and landing page copy accordingly and get the most out of Umpire Legal’s advertising budget.

“Since BOLD Digital started to manage the website and marketing for us, we have been getting inquiries from new contacts almost daily. The reports also show positive results meaning that the lead generation is now definitely working to our advantage.”
– Managing Partner, Simi Singhsachthep

Remarketing to stay on top of mind

To help Umpire Legal stay on top of mind of an undecided group of previous visitors, we also designed banner ads that would follow them as they browse the web. This, in turn, helps increase the brand awareness and the direct traffic to the website by these targeted visitors.


The investment of Umpire Legal in redesigning its website and lead generation campaigns paid off. The company’s position has strengthened compared to the competition and is receiving a steady flow of business leads every month. Moreover, the SEO improvements resulted in a considerable jump of its core service to the 1st page on Google (from the 4th). The legal practice now keeps expanding and has already welcomed new employees.

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